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Green Eco Solutions Q&A

How can I determine who is the best contractor?

Who performs your home improvements and who will be responsible for future service is as important as the products and warranties you choose.  Learn how to separate amateurs from professionals with our blog, "How to Choose a Contractor".

What do all those window ratings mean?

For a detailed explanation of industry ratings for windows, see our blog "Understanding Window Ratings".

Why not to hire a handyman doing work in your neighborhood?

This is another popular scam, somewhat similar to the storm chasers. This scam involves a roofer doing work on a house near you will come up to your door offering to repair your roof for dirt cheap. If you take their deal your roof will stay damaged and never get the work it needed.

Why not to hire a storm chaser.

Storm chasers seek work by following storms and fixing the destruction of houses.  They barley care about their work becuase they are moving state to state following work. Dont fall into scams.

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