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I was impressed with his presentation.  Yvette got us financing.  The windows are solid and very well made.  The installers were great.  Went way beyond what they should have.  They're good workers, very clean.  Explained what they were doing and why.  They put my wife's blinds back up for her.  I was totally satisfied with the whole service.  I give the transaction a 10+.
Walter L. Thomas, Jr. of Nottingham, PA
Thursday, December 7th
Our windows look beautiful.  Thank you Green Eco Solutions. 
Judith S. of Nottingham, PA
Tuesday, May 1st
I really needed a new front door. It was very drafty and losing a lot of my home's heat. I could not stand to be in the rooms that were adjacent to the door because it was way too cold. Getting a new door was a very good decision for us because we were able to tie it into the financing that we had already gotten approved for to redo a few of our windows. It's a great product and we can't wait to enjoy it for many years to come.
Thomas H. of Oxford, NJ
Wednesday, November 28th
Our sales staff and installation staff was professional from start to finish. They did a great job on my windows and I am very happy that we were able to get them done so affordably. I will be getting more work done in the future and plan to recommend them to anyone I know who needs to do their projects. 
John L. of Oxford, NJ
Monday, December 10th
My husband and I met Green Eco Solutions at the Allentown Fair. We got offered some great deals to sign up for the free estimate, and we were hesitant because they seemed too good to be true. However, to our surprise and delight, they have held true to all of their promises. I am so glad that we got this project taken care of in a problem-free manner. I will definitely keep this company in mind when friends ask for recommendations.
Neil & Tammy R. of Oxford, NJ
Thursday, December 27th
My wife and I got a new roof. We got qualified for money and it was nice to have some help with the project. I am not sure what we would have done since the amount of leaks coming into our second story made the space unlivable. Now we can start redoing the rooms and getting rid of the water damage. It means a lot that the lifetime warranty includes us never having to worry about leaks again. 10/10 would recommend
McKenna & Edwin C. of Oxford, NJ
Wednesday, January 2nd
I have welcomed Green Eco Solutions as my only contractor for my home's exterior projects. I've trusted them with my roof, windows, and now doors. They have been extremely friendly each and every experience. Every time I've welcomed another one of their employees into my home, they were respectful and professional. It is nice when the person that was sent to my home is Christian and does a fine job. I am happy my home is energy efficient. I have chosen Green Eco Solutions three times and I will continue to keep choosing Green Eco Solutions.    
Milton B. of Lincoln University, PA
Thursday, June 21st
I love my windows I need more more of them! I really love these Guardian Elite Series Windows for a lot of reasons but the most important reason I can name is that they tilt in so I can clean both sides from the inside. I am not really a fan of cleaning but I am a fan of being able to have the option because looking out of clean windows if really nice. Will be getting the rest of the windows replaced as soon as I can swing it. Thank you again.
Marlene S. of New London, PA
Thursday, May 9th
Replacing the siding on our home has been a project that we've been debating doing since we've purchased this home a few years ago. After seeing a few quotes that were way too highly priced, we put the project off. Now after a few more years of weather, the siding finally had its due and was tearing off during normal everyday gusty winds. Replacing the siding probably would have made a huge impact in itself for our home's temperature. With the Silver Shield underneath the siding, it is like re-insulating our home's walls. I can't wait to see how much our heating bill goes down this Winter! 
Daniel S. of Kelton, PA
Friday, June 14th
I was very pleased with the job and I would highly recommend them to any one that needs work done.
Hazel M. Cooper of Cochranville, PA
Thursday, December 7th
WE needed a roof desperaterly and our new roof looks just great. 
Hazel C. of Cochranville, PA
Tuesday, May 1st
I am very happy with my installation through this Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. I was impressed with the products. They did a professional job treating my home with respect. I enjoyed learning about the products before they were installed into my home, and then being shown how the window tilts out and seeing all the specifications for myself. I feel very secure with them and I hope they keep all the drafts out of my home.
James A. of Landenberg, PA
Tuesday, January 22nd
I am very, very satisfied with the new Owens Corning roof I got. I would recommend the brand of shingles to anyone looking to put the best products onto their home. I'm planning on getting another home that is out of state and I wish Green Eco Solutions was able to do that one as well they did such a fantastic job.
Julius G. of Chatham, PA
Wednesday, June 5th
Having Green Eco Solutions do work for me in the past, I decided to keep using them. The house that I stay in has a lot of window. I had one other company do work on this home and then decided to try Green Eco Solutions. I am very well pleased with the efficiency, look, and the follow up work associated with their product. My regret is that I did not find this company initially.
Gerald N. of Chatham, PA
Wednesday, June 5th
Green Eco Solutions installed a new flat roof on my row home. I was just really impressed with the fact that they were able to do my project without interfering with my neighbors’ homes. Since the colors across our row homes are all different, it did not matter if I got my project done and they weren't able to. Initially I was under the impression that everyone in my row would have to change roofs at the same time. I am glad that this is not the case. I live in Philadelphia so it would be next to impossible to have everyone agree on the same roof. Thank you Green Eco Solutions for giving me the best information for replacing my roof!
Nancy H. of Coatesville, PA
Friday, November 16th
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