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Structure of Guardian Elite Series Windows

Green Eco Guardian Elite Windows Materials 

Guardian Elite Series Replacement Windows

Exceptional Quality. Green Eco Guardian Elite Series Windows regularly trounce their competition in nearly every category.

WeatherBlock Vinyl and Greeneco glass create the industry-leading window of choice

In order to create some of the most energy efficient windows on the market today, Green Eco Solutions uses special WeatherBlock Vinyl, Greeneco glass, and PowerLift balance systems. WeatherBlock Vinyl provides an incredibly weather resistant frame that can withstand some of the harshest winds nature can throw at it. It also extremely low maintenance and energy efficient.

Greeneco glass is also incredibly high performance. Greeneco glass is designed to allow in solar heat while preventing drafts. It is also extremely noise resistant and can block damaging UV rays that can harm floors, carpet, furniture, and even people with enough exposure.

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The benefits of Green Eco WeatherBlock Vinyl:

  • Weather resistant
  • Excellent color retention
  • Dimensional stability
  • Impact resistant
  • Environmentally safe
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to rot and insects
  • Energy efficient

Greeneco Glass provides a clear view without drafts

Green Eco Glass

Protective Windows. Greeneco glass lets in the radiant heat and visible light you need while blocking harmful UV rays and lowering solar heat.

Every window is only ever as good as the glass used. Luckily our Guardian Elite Series windows use some of the best glass around. This triple glass window outperforms pretty much every other replacement window on the market.

Our windows use high-performance Greeneco Glass[copyright symbol R] heat reflective coatings which are microscopically thin layers of metal and metal oxide. These thin coatings reflect most of the UV and infrared radiation that comes from the sun. This serves to protect your furniture, carpet, floors, and even family from the harmful effects of continuous exposure to UV rays.

Our windows are also designed so that they can take advantage of free solar heat from the sun and reduce drafts. You also won't have put up with the irritating sound of a lawnmower or heavy traffic with Greeneco glass which blocks 95% of noise pollution.

PowerLift Balance Systems

An important part of any window is the balance system. Constant Force is commonly used by other manufacturers and generally achieves 5,000 cycles. Our PowerLift balance system can achieve life cycles as high as 28,000 cycles according to testing performed by BSI Hardware-Amesbury Group. That's more than five times the cycles of Constant Force.

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