This technical article explores the Guardian Elite Patio Door Series and the exclusive elements that help the most efficient Energy Star Window for 2018!

Green Eco Solutions, Patio Door, Allentown PA
Green Eco Solutions, Patio Door, Allentown PA

Excess glass doors in normal patios suffer from air infiltration, condensation, ugly lines of sight due to handles and weight difficulties in sliding. The beautiful and functional blend of our patio door. Combine all our incredible thermal-structural features with the traditional appearance of an authentic wood door.

HiMark Patio Door Butt Joint Sash with Green Eco Solutions

The intuition lock system is only available for our patio doors. Thanks to the ergonomic single-motion operation the homeowner can open and unlock the door with one flow movement; in the opposite direction the door closes the locks in the same flow movement. The handle does not extend into the glass area, improving sightlines of a sliding door with a modern design which removes the lever.

Retractable mini blinds between the glass enables homeowners to control privacy and sunlight by increasing, decreasing, and changing the incline.

Patio Doors By Green Eco Solutions

The door of the patio has a wooden look to match all of your home’s other windows and doors. The patio door lock system is designed to work without chipping for the whole lifetime, thanks to four different color options available.

You can easily see why Guardian Elite Patio Doors Series is proud to also display the Most Energy Efficient Seal of the 2018 Energy Star!