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Testimonials for Green Eco Solutions

Replacing the siding on our home has been a project that we've been debating doing since we've purchased this home a few years ago. After seeing a few quotes that were way too highly priced, we put the project off. Now after a few more years of weather, the siding finally had its due and was tearing off during normal everyday gusty winds. Replacing the siding probably would have made a huge impact in itself for our home's temperature. With the Silver Shield underneath the siding, it is like re-insulating our home's walls. I can't wait to see how much our heating bill goes down this Winter! 
Daniel S. of Kelton, PA
Friday, June 14th
I am building a new house and after shopping around I decided to go with Guardian Elite Series Siding with the Silver Shield underneath. I was really looking for an underlayment since I was doing this from scratch. I bought the land the built the house. Getting a good deal on the siding and having them install it took the pressure off of me and my wife since we already had so many contractors coming and going on the job site. They came in, did their job fantastically, cleaned up what they needed to, and took all of their garbage in a big dumpster.
Carol and Carl A. of Avondale, PA
Tuesday, July 16th
Great job Green Eco! House looks great siding looks fabulous. They had to put up with awful weather conditions with this summer rain I'd give them all the stars I can they worked like men.
Alana and Joseph K. of Brandamore, PA
Tuesday, August 6th
My home is very beautiful now with new Guardian Elite Series Siding. The exclusive Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning are professionally trained and it shows. I am glad that they put a Silver Shield wrap around underneath which meant they definitely ripped off the old siding completely and started with a fresh base. It's important to me that they did this project fully and without fail.
Dru N. of Mount Aetna, PA
Tuesday, June 4th
They were extremely polite, coutious, arrived on time, and answered all my questions. 
Harry R. of Mount Aetna, PA
Friday, December 20th
We would recommend Green Eco Solutions because they had the warranties and licenses to back up their products. It makes sense you wouldn't have a full warranty if you installed bad products poorly, because you have to stand behind that then for years to come. That to me meant we would always be covered.
Emmett and Althea J. of Lyndell, PA
Tuesday, August 6th
I am a return customer of Green Eco Solutions. Both times I have been pleased with the level of service and knowledge of the representative. Never have I felt pressured about the purchase. I have appreciated all the work done with Elias with our home projects.
Justin C. of Wernersville, PA
Friday, December 14th
I am so so pleased with this siding. My home looks like brand new and I am very happy that we were able to do this project. Our biggest concern was definitely price. We had vines growing up into our siding and actually ripping it off. The install team did their best to make sure the vines don't come up again and we really appreciate that.
Robert R. of West Chester, PA
Friday, November 16th
Everyone was very accomodating and came into our home with a purpose. I really like that when they left the area was well cleaned. All the corners and edges are tight. I really feel like this was the best installation.
Jay and Debra K. of Muir, PA
Thursday, July 25th
We got our siding replaced by Green Eco Solutions and they did a great job even though it rained every day they wanted to come and start the project. Though frustrated and stopped with a lot of problems that seemed to arise during the tear off and installation, they always knocked on the door or called our cell phones to communicate what was happening and how it was being resolved.
Joseph and Eric T. of Summit Station, PA
Thursday, July 11th
The guys who came out to do the siding work were very friendly and polite. Everything was put back the way my wife asked of them and they did a great job cleaning up when they were done.
Hannah and Joey M. of Devault, PA
Tuesday, August 6th
I am a very big promoter of energy efficiency. I work at one of the local nature centers who takes in birds and other wildlife who are injured and need to be re adapted to the wild or need to be held in captivity for the remainder of their lives because they are too injured. I am very satisfied with the work that was done in my home. We had Silver Shield placed underneath our siding and it has been wonderful. Our house feels so much better, and it is great to be using a company that advocates Energy Star products and such a beautiful message. I feel like this company helps make the decision easy for people who want to make their homes green.
Jordan & Sasha T. of Schuylkill Haven, PA
Wednesday, December 19th
Dan who did my work was polite and helpful and did the job well (along with partner).  He went beyond doing a good job and performed with excellence.
Nancy Huneke of Pottstown, PA
Tuesday, November 14th
The entire team was prompt and communicated clearly with me every step of the project. I am very happy with how new my home looks with vinyl siding. It was like someone gave the entire place a facelift and now it looks 20 years younger. It's been an adjustment to coming home and seeing how nice the color looks. 
Beverley R. of Parker Ford, PA
Thursday, August 29th
This was the best work performance I have been able to have watched and appreciated! They were the best hard workers, dedicated and conscientious.  Thank you Green Eco Solutions!    
Gloria N. of Blandon, PA
Friday, November 15th
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